Ken installing another AntPro bait station.
AntPro - Environment Safe Ant Control
Ken installing another AntPro bait station.
  Eliminates the Entire Ant Colony Not Just the Foraging Ants  

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Growers & Government Organizations:

Growers, Government Organizations and others having larger AntPro System requirements, contact Ken for specific insect control strategy and satellite-based dispenser deployment; and to order box-lot (35 dispenser) quantities.


Unless there is a serious infestation, use 4 bait stations to control ants around a small home. Use additional ant bait stations for larger homes or for full yard protection. Depending on ant species, each Ant Pro covers an area with a radius up to 75 feet.  Click here for Placement instructions.)

Purchase On-Line:

Retail Locations - West Florida:(*)

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Agriculture & Retail Locations - California:(*)

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Professional Pest Control Operators are welcome to contact us for industry prices and information regarding our KM Sentinel® professional insect control system and methodology.

Attention: Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Manatee County Florida Residents

Due to the rapid spread of Caribbean crazy ants in these counties, we have posted a bulletin board containing the names and contact information of qualified KM Sentinel participating Professional Pest Management companies.

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Additional Assistance:

For additional assistance, call Ken Kupfer at (941) 445-4252 or submit questions to him using our Contact Mail-Form . If you leave a message, please indicate your name, phone number, time zone, and best time to return your call.

  (*) If AntPro is not available in your area, have your local pest control store contact us about a distributorship.


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