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AntPro controls imported fire ants, carpenter ants, white-footed ants, argentine ants & many other ant species."> <br><a href="images/FireAntWhiteFootedFeeding.wmv"><font color=#cc0000<font size=-1>(double-click to see video of imported fire ants and white-footed ants feeding)</font></a> </p> </center> <p><b>AntPro</b> is highly durable, rugged delivery system, that when combined with any one of several low-toxicity liquid ant baits, provides consistent long-term ant elimination. The unit, made of polypropylene, is refillable and will provide years of dependable service.</p> <br> <img border="0" HSPACE=25 src="images/product/antproanotated.png" align=right width="195" height="292" alt="kmAntPro Ant Bait Station"> <!--<img border="0" src="images/product/kmantprowithstake.jpg" align=right width="148" height="250" alt="kmAntPro Ant Bait Station">--> <br> <p>When the AntPro dispenser is charged with bait and activated, a small quantity of bait is released into inclined pool area. As ants consume the bait, the liquid surface tension ducts are activated allowing the pool to be replenished automatically. The combined patented gravity-feed and stress duct technology is very important in prolonging the effective life of the bait being used. The supply of bait is not exposed to the air or other adverse environmental elements, while providing continuous insect activated bait delivery.</p> <p>The AntPro dispenser offers full 360-degree, high-volume insect trafic access to the feeding pool, rather than being limited to restricted entrance, thus allowing a large number of ants to feed at the same time. For example, in excess of 90 red imported fire ants have been observed feeding simultaneously.</p> <p>The AntPro ant control system is weather tolerant and is also tamper resistant. It comes with an attachable stake to secure it to earth surfaces when applicable. To activate it simply rotate the bulb one half turn while holding the base ramp in place.</p> <p>To deactivate and move AntPro to a new location, rotate the bulb back to the original position. When the unit is in the closed or activated position, a locking screw secures it from tampering. When the AntPro System, with liquid ant bait, is left in place, it will monitor and prevent re-infestations from occurring. </p> <p><b>In Agricultural applications</b>, large areas are treated with <b>AntPro</b>, using liquid ant bait, without having to spread pesticides on crops and and the surrounding environment. If you have ants, together with aphids, mealy bugs, scale, psyllids or other homoptera, it is most important to understand how these ants farm and protect crop-damaging insects for their honeydew. <a href="#"><b>Click here</b></a>, to read the KM Message to Growers to learn more about this ant/ homoptera mutualism, and how the AntPro System can improve your profits by reducing your crop loss and crop damage in a cost effective manner.</p> <p><b>In Home, Office &amp; Garden applications</b>, <b>AntPro</b> will get rid of ants and other insects from around your home and yard, and provide an on-going barrier against re-infestation. This is accomplished without spraying toxic chemicals that are harmful to our health and all other living organisms. <a href="images/UCR_Argentine_Ants_Urban_Final_revision_051708.pdf"><b>Click here</b></a>, to read University of California Extension Guide to Environmentally Sound Argentine Ant Management as a representative explanation for controlling most ant species in an urban environment.</p> <p><font size=+1><b><a href="advantages.htm">Click here for Summary of Advantages</a></b></font> </p> <p>Please read our <font size=+1><b><a href="testimonials.htm">Customer Testimonials</a>.</b></font> </p> <!--End Main Contents--> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p align=center><font size=-1> <a href="antcontrol.htm">Home</a> | <a href="howitworks.htm">How It Works</a> | <a href="advantages.htm">Advantages</a> | <a href="environmentsafe.htm">Health &amp; Safety</a> | <a href="carpenterants.htm">Carpenter Ants</a> <br><a href="argentineants.htm">Argentine Ants</a> | <a href="fireants.htm">Fire Ants</a> | <a href="whitefootedants.htm">White Footed Ants</a> | <a href="solutions.htm">Other Ants &amp; Insects</a> <br><a href="instructions.htm">Instructions</a> | <a href="placement.htm">Placement</a> | <a href="links.htm">News</a> | <a href="aboutus.htm">About Us</a> | <a href="howtoorder.htm">How To Order</a> <br><a href="testimonials.htm">Testimonials</a> | <a href="faq.htm">FAQ</a> | <a href="sitemap.htm">Site Map</a> | <a href="privacy.htm">Privacy</a> </font> </p> <p align=center><font size=-1>KM Ant Pro LLC <br>P.O. Box 967, Nokomis, FL 34275 <br>(941)445-4252 <br><a href="contact.asp">Contact Us</a></font> </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <!--End Main Contents--> </td> <!--Right Margin--> <td width=20><img src="images/other/dot.gif" border=0 width=20 height=1> </td> <!--End Main Text Area Row--> </tr> </table><!--Main Contents Table--> <!--End Middle Column--> </td> <!--Start Right Column--> <td valign=top width=147 bgcolor=#FEF4D6> <!--Right Column Table--> <table border=0 width=100% cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 bgcolor=#FEF4D6> <tr> <td align=center> <!--Start Right Column Contents--> <br> <a href="contact.asp"><img src="images/other/askken.gif" border=0 width=78 height=22></a> <br><br><br> <!--Customer Quotes Table--> <table width=94% cellpadding=3> <tr> <td> <p><font size=-1><b><i>&quot;AntPro liquid ant bait stations are gravity fed. As ants consume bait in the station's liquid bait pool, liquid tension ducts replenish the pool automatically.&quot; </i></b></font> </p> </td> </tr> </table><!--Customer Quotes Table--> <!--End Right Column Contents--> </td> </tr> </table><!--Right Column Table--> <!--Right Col Wid--> <img src="images/other/dot.gif" border=0 width=147 height=1> <!--End Right Column--> </td> <!--End Middle Row--> </tr> <!--Start Bottom Row--> <tr> <td colspan=3> <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> <!--End Bottom Row--> </tr> </table><!--Main Body Table--> </td> </tr> </table><!--Outer Shell Table--> </body> </html>